Woodworking runs in the family, and I learned early on in my grandpa’s workshop. He taught me how to turn a block of scrap wood into a top that spun forever or a toy boat that could really sail. I wanted to be like him because he possessed the magic of creation.

After two years as a Peace Corps Volunteer building wooden beehives in West Africa, I spent my career in the corporate world developing and sourcing product for famous American retailers. I loved my job and the people around me, but the need to create with my own hands never left. In fact, the more I deprived that need, the stronger it grew.

With my family’s tireless support and encouragement, we risked everything to open a custom woodworking shop in the San Francisco Bay Area. After years of long nights and fighting for our dreams, the furniture we produce is now found in some of the most iconic buildings and beautiful private homes around the world.

We use the same level of integrity and traditional craftsmanship for our home décor and kitchenware, ensuring even my grandfather would be proud that we uphold the standards he set.

This is where you find us, and we feel very fortunate to be on this journey with you. Thank you so much for being the core of our continuing story.

With care,

Joseph Brody

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